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Communication and teamwork is pivotal to achieving any goal. Adding change into the mix makes it even more vital to be aware of communication styles and hone your skills on working together as a team. OSV Consulting services provides individual and group training on many topics that help a parish team succeed. From Emotional Intelligence assessments and training, to dealing with conflict, to change management, the OSV consultants provide customized training options that work for your specific needs.


  Stewardship Strategic Planning

If you need to find “what’s next” for your parish, then the Parish Vision Plan from OSV is your first step. The process is perfect for all parishes that are working to thrive rather than just survive. The Parish Vision Plan can deeply engage your parishioners in your mission. Through the guidance of your OSV Consultant, we take a comprehensive analysis of how to help you thrive, including hospitality, outreach, finances, communication, evangelization and faith formation. The end product is a 3-year detailed plan that truly energizes and unites your parish in your Mission.

OSV Parish Vision Plans provide the strategic planning that your church needs to demonstrate to your parishioners and your community how your goals are turned into actions. A specific plan is fundamental to insuring your organization keeps focused and moving forward, especially as staff and members change and grow. Your Parish Vision Plan is an ideal complement to any fund raising service so your community knows how the funds are being allocated to support your mission.


OSV provides training for you and your team in maneuvering through changes to maximize the success of your efforts. These custom sessions are designed around your needs to help you prepare your team for challenges. The training session(s) include:

  Change Style Indicator

An assessment providing an individual’s preference towards change. There are 3 identified styles. Group reports are also available.

  Change Style for Leadership

A workshop reviewing the 3 types of profiles for change, understanding how the profiles embrace change, and how to implement change well.

  Change Style for Employees

A workshop reviewing the 3 types of profiles for change and how to understand their own preference and the preference of others towards change.

  Navigating Change

A workshop designed to assist with the implementation of change when a change is occurring. This training assists leaders and individuals in understanding what stage of change they are in and how to move forward towards acceptance. A self-perception assessment is included with this workshop.

OSV’s innovation and strategic partnership has helped us plan for the future of our parish.
Rev. Msgr. Antonio Cacciapuoti


Key to the success of any team is communications. OSV consulting services can provide coaching and development to improve the communication skills designed for your needs. This includes: 

Listening Profile

This assessment provides an individual insight within their preferred style of listening. The profile also provides a thorough explanation of one’s listening habits, and steps to take to develop listening skills, which will improve communication.

Listening Intelligence

A workshop designed to go along with the Listening Profile. It covers the 4 listening styles and provides ways to enhance our communication by understanding strategies, challenges, and actions of the 4 styles. This course also assists with identifying one’s own listening habits.

Working and Communication Styles and Personality Preferences

This workshop identifies the dominant style of how one approaches their work, communicates, and their personality preferences. A self-assessment is part of the training.

Character Structure

This workshop covers the work of Dr. John Townsend and Scott Makin and is biblically based. It reviews the 4 healthy character traits for individuals. This workshop also covers how to identify a development need, as well as steps one can take to mature their skills. This course is a very helpful session for leaders, as it helps them understand possible trust, communication, behavior, and performance issues with their employees, and steps they can put into place to help them.

Entrepreneurial Mindset Profile

An assessment to identify and gage one’s entrepreneurial skills.

Entrepreneurial Mindset

This workshop covers 14 personality and skill driven scales, which may assist with leading innovation and growth. This course is great for sales or fundraising individuals.


Dealing with others sometimes can lead to conflict and learning to work thought conflict helps teams work together toward reaching a common goal. In this OSV training, you will receive:

  • Conflict Dynamic Profile (CDP): An assessment providing an individual’s identified behaviors during times of conflict. The assessment displays individual scoring on deconstructive behaviors, constructive behaviors, and hot buttons. Group reports are also available.
  • Reducing Workplace Conflict: A workshop designed to review deconstructive behaviors, constructive behaviors, and hot buttons during times of conflict. The Leadership workshop provides 5 essential leadership strategies to manage conflict in an effective manner.
  • Proactive Conflict Resolution for Teams: This workshop provides Leaders and teams essential skills in proactively addressing Conflict. It reviews techniques for effective communication skills during these challenging times.
  • Conflict Mediation: This workshop develops mediation skills and strategies on how to effectively intervene between conflicting parties.